Sunday, October 19, 2008

prairie diet: OK

from Holly Sweet, producer/audio tech in Oklahoma:
Yesterday my diet: coffee with big load of milk and splenda. Had to go into microwave just to be drinkable, there was so much milk.

nothing until:

lunch - quick drive through at Taco Bell for bean burrito and small Pepsi. Then drive through Braum's for a single dip, hot fudge sundae. Extra whipped cream. (I don't think they came through)

nothing again until -

on my way to symphony, realizing no time for dinner, I drove through DIFFERENT Braum's for double dip peppermint cone.

Glass of wine at symphony.

Midnight snack of 2 flour tortilla's heated in microwave, then slathered with butter, salt and salsa. And 1/2 glass wine in a Fred Flintstone jelly glass.

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