Saturday, December 7, 2013


Duncan Blitz usually didn't feel sorry for himself, but today he did.  Christmas coming, no work.  Alone.
Beverly Barkowitz never felt sorry for herself; it was enough to be alive.
Satellite Sally had the big honkin blue.  She was packing so much weight her pajamas were tight. Her hand was burned (Operator Error: Pressure Cooker) and her kid was in a scary situation that Sally could neither assist nor control.

Sally ate:
coffee and toast
a row of brownies from the pan
another row
Avocado and lettuce salad
Smoked Salmon with cream cheese on toasted something-bread with nuts or dried fruit or something
hard boiled egg
sliced cucumber
Red wine
a chocolate bar  
calories:  3,900

Duncan ate:
a baked potato
2 beers
calories: 610

Beverly ate:
cafe latte and a pastry at Flying Star.  "Are you ready for Christmas?" asked the cashier.  "I'm never ready," said Bev, wondering whether she'd ever had the wherewithal to just say, "I'm Jewish."
calories:  330

Beverly made beef brisket simmered in red wine and invited everyone by.
Sally couldn't get out of the house (everything too tight)
so Bev came to her place, with the brisket and a sixer of Christmas beer and sent a text to Dunc:
noche buena 7p satellite sal's b there

Dinner was good and everyone got safely home