Monday, October 27, 2008


I just found out that the skinny part is the ankle, so you can wear skinny jeans even if you have a fat ass.
breakfast: espresso with hot milk, 2 pieces of toast w butter. no jam
lunch: salad of romaine lettuce, dressed with olive oil and salt. lime juice optional
dinner: fresh vegetable, roasted or pan blackened. potato (sweet potato, idaho, or baby, roasted whole or slivered. 4 oz of pasta, meat, or fish of your choice. club soda and red wine. mixed, or not
late snack: Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream, nuked in micro 11 seconds, with cold 1% milk poured on.
bedtime: chamomile tea or fresh ginger tea

2 full push-ups, every day
2x 30 minutes jogging, 2x week
walk every day

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AMY is on the treat-your-daughter diet:

breakfast: double espresso with whole milk. croissant
shopping break: Westside Pavilion for lots of cute clothes and a roasting pan with rack.
lunch: half dozen oysters, half dozen littlenecks,1 glass muscadet loire valley, “fall salad”, roasted kabocha squash, grilled treviso, dates, pepitas and saint agur cheese, 1 glass fresh lemonade fizz, apple fritters w caramel and sea salt, french pressed coffee
dinner: priceless

Monday, October 20, 2008


my neighbor says grappa e camomile is very nice, served on the roof patio at marvin.


dr drops diet, no word yet about what these drops are made of:

from Igor Malakhov, video producer, on-air talent, journalist extraordinaire, moscow:

dr drops says that coffee spoils it all.
the best diet for me today -

breakfast- drops

lunch- drops + chicken with mashed potatoes at my mama's +
tea; felt so good! and was so delicious!

dinner- cheese pie with honey + green tea ++ more drops

weight loss- nothing

but- gained nothing as well

and no mucous! (ie, for those whose "humours" are neither fire, air, or water, but phleghm!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

prairie diet: OK

from Holly Sweet, producer/audio tech in Oklahoma:
Yesterday my diet: coffee with big load of milk and splenda. Had to go into microwave just to be drinkable, there was so much milk.

nothing until:

lunch - quick drive through at Taco Bell for bean burrito and small Pepsi. Then drive through Braum's for a single dip, hot fudge sundae. Extra whipped cream. (I don't think they came through)

nothing again until -

on my way to symphony, realizing no time for dinner, I drove through DIFFERENT Braum's for double dip peppermint cone.

Glass of wine at symphony.

Midnight snack of 2 flour tortilla's heated in microwave, then slathered with butter, salt and salsa. And 1/2 glass wine in a Fred Flintstone jelly glass.

cleansing breakfast video

watch the video: amy is on the espresso and oj diet

Saturday, October 18, 2008

duncan blitz is on a cleansing diet

breakfast: green tea (extra large mug)
lunch: 6 oz fresh raspberries, chrysanthemum tea
dinner: miso soup, edamame, 2 pc yellowtail sashimi, jasmine tea
evening: fresh steamed ginger tea
late snack: water

duncan blitz's editor's diet

coffee: coffee, with half & half and splenda
breakfast: no breakfast
snack: bearclaw, fresh orange juice
coffee: coffee with cremora and Equal
lunch: Potbelly Italian: capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, salami and provolone. Arizona Iced Tea, chips.
teatime: Rolaids, coffee with cremora and sugar
dinner: broiled red snapper, baby fingerling potatoes tossed with butter and salt, pan blackened string beans, salsa of baby cucumber and baby red onions vinaigrette. 6 oz hard liquor (80 proof), 2 glasses red wine. no dessert.

duncan is on the newspuke diet

morning: double espresso, milk no sugar
pre-breakfast: regular coffee, donut
breakfast: breakfast burrito, diet coke
lunch: no lunch
snack: beef jerky, salted cashews, Gatorade Citrus Cooler, good humor chocolate eclair bar, Gummy peach rings
bottled water, all you can drink
after-work snack: newcastle brown ale, bar mix
dinner: carne asade burrito, tecate
after-dinner treat: camomile tea