Tuesday, March 24, 2009


candy is comfort, yummy and sweet 
link to: all's well in candy land

2AM, and Duncan was prowling around his home.  He checked on the kids, put on his barn coat, and went out with his big dog Wylie to look at the sky.   
The Big Dipper was straight up.   Orion gives way to Scorpius,  here comes spring.  Goodbye winter, so long Milky Way.  We'll wait till we see a shooting star,  thought Duncan.    

A green meteor silently fired across the corral.  Duncan went in, and threw some logs on the woodstove.


morning coffee:  cafe au lait with Twix.  

breakfast:  cocoa puffs

lunch: deep-fried Snickers

happy hour:  gummy worms, 2 margaritas

dinner:  Pez, chocolate cake.  candied ginger.

night snack:  Milky Way

Saturday, March 14, 2009

no guts

oww, wow-wow, pain in the gas.
i gotta break a big wind.
it's okay, says my husband. i lived in new jersey.

breakfast: poached egg, toast, goat cheese, cafe au lait
lunch: no
dinner: romaine salad, fried rice, from take-out container, middle shelf of fridge
dessert: chocolate ice cream, melty, in milk, with sliced banana.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

palette poverty

i'm waiting to taste food, to know whether i'm hungry and when I'm full. i eat random food i don't enjoy, the food i cook tastes like crap, and i end up with the feeling i've swallowed a large purse.

amy is on the try it diet:
breakfast: tea, toast w jam, sugar smacks w 1% organic milk, half and half optional
snack: taramasalata with warm pita
lunch: grilled sausage with chopped onion, relish, dijon mustard
tea time: espresso with splenda
snack: danactive
dinner: pasta, fruit salad
after dinner mint: prune juice