Monday, July 13, 2009

marash family drives up medical costs, obama declares

duncan thought he'd stop by the hospital to see my husband, who was toughing out a skin infection. He brought a care package.

Hospital Diet:
breakfast: warm coffee-colored beverage
5 packets of white sugar
formerly warm, still lumpy cereal
low fat milk
is that a pancake?
juice flavored orange juice

Duncan's Care Package:
hot espresso with half and half and sugar
warm flaky croissant with butter, choice of marmalade of blackberry jam
graham crackers with fluffy white marshmallow and dark belgium chocolate squares (aka: c-ration s'mores)

lobster roll, extra mayo
crunchy romaine salad dressed in garlicked oil and fresh lime juice, salt and pepper
bistro fries, aioli sauce
ice cold tecate, in the red can
chilled sweet red watermelon
cold thick dark-chocolate-frosted warm chewy yellow cake-love cupcake


In the long run, darkness always wins. That's why darkness is such an arrogant bastard. And arrogant bastards disserve no quarter. Darkness disserves steady resistance and constant derision. So...Fuck You...Darkness!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


and all your friends say Fuckyoudeath, Leave my Friend Amy Alone

death wants me

to wobble towards its side.

Fuck you, Death!
Go away!

I am firm in the World!
My husband anchors me here.

my children love me
the world's better when
I'm in it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Duncan Blitz was on a tear. He rolled out a pie crust and filled it with fresh blueberries, vented his mom's way, with a foil smokestack. He made an enormous leafy salad, and a gigantic fruit salad and chilled them with the champagne.

He made 2 bowls of guacamole and chips (crushed avocado and salt, no garlic onions, other embellishments that are not guacamole), fresh salsa (tomatoes, cilantro, salt and jalapeno) garden radishes, nuts and fruits.

He put six burgers on the grill, and six dogs. He had six small lobsters, ready to steam, split and serve with drawn butter. He'd serve the baked potatoes still in their foil. His, salted with butter.

Have a beer, he said to his guests as they arrived.

Everyone was hungry, except Kiran, who had worked that day in a tv news factory.

Kiran Khalid is on the FREELANCE PRODUCER DIET, New York City.
Kiran: inhaled a slice of cheese pizza, thin crust of course (you are what you eat!) from the Original Original Ray's Pizza in Greenwich Village. Afterwards, I was tempted to verbally berate myself but happened to glance at my cameraman's bulging belly and thought better of it.

then upon learning that one of my colleagues had dropped the ball in promoting my friend Reza Aslan's upcoming appearance at an undisclosed event, I consumed a baby ruth in about three bites.

And now I'm debating whether another trip to the snack machine might help me deal with my paycheck, or lack thereof.

omg! and now my assignment editor just took up a collection to start a pb&j bar!
$1 gets you into the ingredients he's bringing

Kiran, said Duncan, you've got to get over your dislike of lifer cameramen. Champagne?