Monday, February 18, 2013


Satellite Sally woke to a beautiful day, sunny and cold.  She relit the wood stove, sipped a ginger tea and put three scoops of bustelo plus one of pinon roast into her 1-cup espresso maker.

She tapped a peach-colored baby aspirin from the bottle by the sink, and noticed one pill that was tiny and white.  That one was Atavan.  Like the worm in the bottom of the Cusano Rojo bottle, it would be her surprise treat one day.

Sally had several things to do every day, a couple of things to do once in a while and a ton of things to do eventually.  But first the coffee was ready to mix with steaming milk and early sun.

Satellite Sally congratulated herself on taking the buyout from KLUTZ when the station started covering less and less of the state and needing fewer a fewer uplinks.  The anger in her had run out, leaving room for rock & roll, rhythm and blues, sky and stars.

A walk or a run or a ride would make today perfect, she thought, as sipped her 'spresso.

aspirin to atavan, 
dirt to mud,
heaven to the other place, 
there's nothing to say but it's okay..  
good morning good morning good morning good.

cup of espresso with steamed milk       100 calories
another cup                                                  100 calories
second pot                                                    200 calories

small bowl of cole slaw                               275 cal
buttered toast                                                 285 cal

cup of espresso with steamed milk             100 cal

frisee spring salad with citrus and salt         400 calories

bowl of blueberries
(from mexico, not Chile)                             ciento sesenta y cinco calorĂ­as

DINNER:                                                          500 cal
heaps of whole cooked shrimp, tails on
Sauvignon Blanc
romaine lettuce leaves with fresh lime juice
cocktail sauce

cocktail sauce                                                 300 cal

the rest of the cocktail sauce                           100 cal

atavan:                                                         atavan?  are you sure?
Lorazepam appears to have more profound adverse effects on memory than other benzodiazepines; it impairs both explicit and implicit memory.[42][43 (Wikipedia)

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