Sunday, January 8, 2012


Beverly Barkowitz roared into town, back from the dead.
"Holy shit!" thought Duncan Blitz.  He said, "hey Bev, you look great," and hugged his old mentor because he could, and she did.  Then he just stood there.
What to say?  nice wheels.  is that a new tattoo?  how long are you in town.  gee it's good to seeya.  you're not dead and you don't look like you're dying.  you look great!
"You look so healthy!"
"Thanks Dunc,  I feel good."  I feel great.  It's great to be here.  as in Here.  as in here.
"Want to go for a drink?"   It was Friday; Peeps could be at the bar.  Except nobody actually went to the office anymore, so nobody went for a drink anymore, on Friday.
"But we will," thought Duncan.

STARTERS:  2 margaritas:  one double. frozen. salt.  one on the rocks, salt.
ENTREE:  blue corn tortilla chips.  "Got any olives, or those mixed pickled things?" 
SIDES:  tequila shooters, generic, salt and lime
DESSERT:  Want to order dinner?  

crispy tasty juicy dinner: 3000 calories
walking till sober:  priceless


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