Monday, July 26, 2010


Test your wine and food knowledge by taking this fun and easy quiz. Ready? Let's get going!

1. The term "sur lie" refers to:

a. Someone who is rude and sullen.
b. An obviously false statement
c. The process in which wine is aged along with the dead yeast cells left over after fermentation
d. All of the above

2. Tastevin is:

a. A male sex hormone
b. A coach-like motor vehicle seating 10-12 people
c. A small metal cup used by a sommelier to sample wine
d. How the hell should I know?

3. Hake is:
a. A short handled trowel used for digging up turnips
b. An Asian root vegetable
c. A word once used by Cole Porter to make a clever interior rhyme with "clambake"
d. A salt water fish related to the cod


4. Pissaladiere is:
a. A coin-operated single-user public urinal
b. A bowed zither used in Franco-Flemish court music of the 15th century
c. A grilled french-style pizza
d. None of the above

courtesy Dave Koblitz


Anne Headley said...

I love your answer choices. It reminds me of my high school French class, in which a girl (not moi!), defined "canne a peche", which means a fishing rod, as "a can of peaches". She should write for your quiz.

AMY said...

bien sur! my guest blogger Dave Koblitz is a composer and music teacher who knows a lot about food.

mackerel said...

pas pire!