Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Duncan Blitz reached across the table and separated my silverware. The knife safely parallel with the fork, bad luck averted.  Not a speck of spaghetti a la carbonara remaining on our plates, we drank another glass of good cheap Shiraz. 

If everyone clinks glasses across the table for a toast, don't cross with anyone.  Keep from being jinxed by knocking wood.  It's bad luck to sleep with your feet facing the door, and worse to stitch clothing while it's being worn by someone. If you spill salt, toss some over your left shoulder.

Duncan sprinkled salt and ground pepper on romaine hearts dressed in Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, fresh squeezed lime.

If you need work, drink from a mug with your client's logo, if you want to go to NY, use the I (HEART) NY mug.

We took espresso on the porch and watched the horses pace the corral.   The breeze was light, but high cirrus clouds were swept by winds aloft.

If you have a nightmare and tell it to someone, it won't come true.
It's good luck to work on your birthday.
It's bad luck (for some people) to be on television. It's good luck for others.
If you sneeze, be sure somebody says, "God bless you."
When you see a funeral procession, spit.
You see lots of ants before an earthquake.
A horseshoe is good luck. Duncan had one on his wall, right-way up.  If it's upside down, the luck will spill out.

Duncan Blitz poured  2 glasses of Sambuca and put 1 coffee bean in his glass and 3 in the bottom of mine (it has to be an odd number.)
When you give someone clothing, tell them to wear it in good health.
Campai, said Duncan
L'abriut! I toasted. 

Duncan offered me a biscotti but I didn't take the last one, because whoever eats the last one will be an old maid.

I told Duncan, "I guess I don't have to observe my superstitions any more."
Why is that?
Because I kept my fingers, but not forks and knives, crossed, and I got messed up anyway.  So what's the point.

"You survived," Duncan remarked.
So that's the point?
On my airplane home, I timed the take-off roll from when the jet accelerates to when it gets off the ground.  I like when it's 27 or 28, but not too crazy about 29.  all the 30s are okay.


Anne Headley said...

These statements made me laugh. If seeing lots of ants predicts an earthquake, then it's starting in my kitchen.

AMY said...

Hey Anne, it has to be an odd number of ants. if they're marching 2 by 2, hoorah, it's just piss-ants. you can wash your counters with bleachy soap and not worry about quakes.
also, when it's very hot in LA and there's an earthquake, it's called SHAKE AND BAKE, and everyone says, I KNEW IT!